The guidelines in buying bed sheets for your home


There are different factors when you buy a sheet for your bed although the topmost priority is the right sizing. Which is the reason why there are bed sheet sizes charts so you know the size of the sheet of your mattress. But when your mattress is bigger than the original size you might need to size it up. It is annoying to have a fitted sheet that keeps on unhooking from the corners of the bed. You have to look for the perfect one to have a good night’s rest.

Know the depth of your mattress

When you’re planning to buy king bed sheets online you have to know the depth of your mattress. This means the thickness and the size of your mattress coming from top to bottom. It is necessary to know especially when you’re looking for new sheets as they may be different from the standard size sheets.

The thread count of bed sheet

To have an idea of what thread count is, it is the number of threads that have been woven in a square inch of the fabric. The higher it goes the stronger the fabric is. But not only is it durable but it can also mean to have softer fabric. Thus, the type of fabric and weave can also have a greater impact on the quality of sheets and it needs to be measured to have other options. When you look at the thread count you can try finding sheets that are in 200 to 800.

The fabric types of bedsheets

Cotton sheets

The cotton sheets are known to be soft, cool, and absorb moisture away from your skin. The sheets can be natural and synthetic which will depend on your option. The only difference between them is that synthetic is stronger and affordable. The cotton sheets are more comfortable. It doesn’t matter what type you use as they are both reliable, soft, and easy to manage.

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is the fanciest kind of fabric that you will see in the market as it has grand qualities. This type of cotton is way different from standard cotton. It has extra-long fibers that make it a softer fabric.

Bamboo rayon

The sheets are made from a material that is chemically treated bamboo. It is a unique kind of sheet as it can control the temperature which is suitable for any season of the year. The sheets can absorb moisture while you’re sleeping so you can have a relaxing night.


Satin sheets have different materials that include polyester, wool, sink, or cotton. These sheets have a high quality because of their soft texture and shining look. This type of sheet is also a great material for keeping you warm during the cold season.


Polyester sheets are known to be durable and have resistant qualities. Polyester sheets are from a synthetic fiber that you can find in most bedding products. It is wrinkle-resistant although it is not breathable and soft like any other fabric. But these sheets are affordable compared to traditional cotton sheets. This is why they are the most chosen sheets by people.