Change the Look of Old Tote Bags by Giving a Fancy Touch


You will understand the topic of discussion today if you‘ve ever seen the streets of West Texas long back. More than natural beauty you found thousands of plastic bags lying on the street, highways, buildings, stuck on fences, etc. Things have slightly changed a bit after reusable tote bags came in action. It majorly reduced the use of oil-based products like plastic bags.

Everyone knows the benefit of using reusable bags. Among all sorts of reusable bags, tote bags are versatile and practical. The appearance of the tote bags is quite appealing. It is a step for promoting green solutions that give greener earth and supportable practices. Many people use tote bags for shopping and personal reasons. It was initially an alternative, but now has become a necessity.

For promotional or personal reasons you can always get reusable bags customized. It leaves a good and positive impact on the consumer and buyer. Custom Earth Promos is an environmentally friendly marketing company that deals with Custom Reusable Bags. They have been in business since 2009 when their prime focus was to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic bags in the market. Now, they have diversified their collection to reusable masks, pens, seed papers, jotters, umbrellas, etc.

As we all know, the tote bag is an amazing accessory which has now become a fashion. It is easy to carry, spacious and useful. It is no longer just a grocery bag, but people use it for carrying office items, kids carry books to school, college kids use it to carry their stationery for projects, and sometimes it gives ample space to carry food stuffs and swimsuits to beaches for a picnic.

However, sometimes plain tote bags look way too simple. Adding some style and prints can make them a fashion trend. Here are some useful tips that may help to change the look of your old tote bag –

  • Plain white tote bags can be converted into stylish bags by stitching colorful cloth scrap. You can cut those colorful cloth patches into different designs like petals, clouds, houses, leaves, and stitch them on the bag to give it a perfect bold look for summers.
  • To give it a youngster or feminine look stick some fairy glitters dust with good quality glue. It looks fashionable and the glitter can be sprinkled in any form.
  • If you find some old leather or denim jackets, boots, or belt thrown in the corner of the house, then it is time to get in action. Takes scissors cut them in desired shapes and stick them with glue or get them stitched by a tailor.
  • Tote bags can also be a good gift if you personalize it by stitching the person’s name or a slogan that conveys your relation with that person and decorate it with stylish pieces.

Different old clothes can be used to make tote bags as long as they are colorful and in good shape. You can also several cloth patches and combining them to make a colorful tote bag. There are endless ways of customizing tote bags as long as you have proper items at home. Without spending money you can get stylish bags to flaunt.


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