Choosing The Best Baby Chairs And Wisely Using


As a new mom, there’s quite a lot you need to do, from frequent diaper changing to taking care of a few chores here and there, not to mention the boiling pot you need to attend to. While women are good at multitasking, taking care of all these with your baby in your arms can be daunting.

Sometimes you just need to put the baby down for a while to set things running, and that’s why you need a baby seat.

While we’ve got lots of baby chairs in the market, you ought to be careful when getting one for your baby. Don’t just pick a baby seat, rather make sure it’s the perfect choice for the little one.

Here’s what to consider when getting a baby seat.

Legs and Feet On The Surface

Babies not only use their bums as sitting surfaces but also their legs and feet. For this reason, their legs and feet must be in contact with the sitting surface. The best baby chairs are ones that allow this. With these types of chairs, the baby has a bigger sitting surface with even body support. Again, make sure the seat allows the baby to move his legs freely to enhance motor development.

Support For The Little Arms

Your baby is in the process of learning how to sit, and, therefore, you expect a little wobble here and there. The best baby chairs are ones that allow this wobbling to occur safely, while at the same time enabling the child to learn the necessary motor skills. The baby seat should allow the little one to correct the wobbles using her arms to keep them from slumping. Therefore, the baby chair should have a surface to support the baby’s arms.

Upright Sitting

Your baby isn’t developmentally ready to sit in a seat. Therefore, the baby seat should allow the baby to sit in the most natural sitting position to prevent them from straining their backs. Avoid the traditional foam Bumbo that keeps the baby’s back curved. Poor sitting positions affect the baby’s body posture leading to a rounded back. Therefore, get a baby seat that allows the baby to sit upright to help them coordinate their arms and legs muscles.

Using The Baby Seat Wisely

While a baby seat is a safe place to put your baby as you get busy with other things if it’s not properly used it can do more harm than good. Therefore, it’s important to use the baby seat wisely. Here’s how to use the baby seat wisely.

  • Use it at the right time– Wait until your baby is old enough to use a seat. Starting your baby early on a seat can affect their development.
  • Daily sitting practice– Your baby is learning, and, therefore, you’ve got to train them daily until they get used to it.
  • Not more than 30 minutes use daily – You may want to do all the pending chores when the baby is calmly seated, but don’t keep them there for long.

So, get the right baby seat and use it properly to make sure it doesn’t affect their development.