What your clothing colour choices say about your personality

Fashion Style

What we wear is usually associated with our age and our lifestyle. You may think that when you wake up in the morning and choose your outfit for the day, you are selecting randomly based on the weather or where you are going. However, our dress sense is more than just an expression; the colour we wear can affect our mood and reveal a lot more about our feelings than we realise.


Traditionally, black was worn by people who were grieving the loss of a loved one. Now, black is worn all the time throughout the year and considered one of the most flattering colours for a woman’s body shape. It is also believed that black is the colour of strength, power, sophistication and authority, which is why it is popular amongst business men and women.


Blue is the colour of peace and calm, and it also says a person who wears it is creative. Often seen as a loyal and positive colour, people who wear blue are seen as independent and intelligent.


The colour brown is associated with the earth and is seen as a solid and grounded colour, so wearers of brown are seen as dependable.


Grey is a very popular colour, especially in sportswear. It can also make you look tired, so wear it with brightly coloured accessories. A grey maxi dress can look great with coloured fashion trainers and bold jewellery. If you are looking for a grey maxi dress visit AX Paris

Metallic Colours

Silver and gold are seen as bold colours worn by those who are adventurous, confident and up for a challenge.


Red is the standout colour revealing passion and aggression. It is seen as a colour that symbolises energy and life and can make the wearer look red hot!


Orange is a fashionable colour that is associated with warmth and joy, and it is typically worn by people who are happy and engaging.


Pink is the ultimate feminine colour, but it can also be worn by men if they are confident enough to pull off the look. However, pink is not such a popular colour for front doors.


Associated with royalty, purple is a sign of money and wealth as well as spiritualness.